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The reclining car seat for safe and relaxed travel.

Safety in all positions

Reclining car seat approved according to ECE R129/03 regulations, for children from 40 up to 75 cm tall (from birth to approx. 12 months).

State-of-the-art safety

The innovative I.S.A. (Integrated Shock Absorber) technology absorbs and reduces the energy transmitted to the child in the event of a collision, thus ensuring maximum safety conditions even when supine.

Peaceful sleep even when travelling

Your child can rest more comfortably even when travelling thanks to the reclining system that allows an almost fully reclined position.

Use it with Darwin car bases

Using the base significantly reduces the risk of incorrect installation of the seat inside the car and ensures a solid connection to the car seat.

Both bases can be used with the Darwin Infant Recline car seat and later with the Darwin Next Stage i-Size car seat, accompanying the child up to about 4 years of age.

Darwin Infant Recline

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Darwin Infant Recline

The configurator allows you to see all possible combinations.

AV52Q0CSG Darwin Infant Recline color Chelsea Grey
AV72Q0TRB Darwin Infant Recline color Tuareg Beige
AV72Q0TGG Darwin Infant Recline color Taiga Green
AV72Q0MGG Darwin Infant Recline color Magnet Grey
AV72Q0HRG Darwin Infant Recline color Horizon Grey
AV52Q0UPB Darwin Infant Recline color Upper Black
AV52Q0TBG Darwin Infant Recline color Tribeca Green
AV52Q0SHB Darwin Infant Recline color Soho Blu
AV52Q0NLB Darwin Infant Recline color Nolita Beige

Safety according to Inglesina

Darwin Infant Recline is approved according to European regulation ECE R129 for children up to 75 cm tall. Only in the rearward-facing direction.

Side Head Protection
Important protection against side impacts.

On the rear seats or on the front seat if the airbag is deactivated only.

Isofix attachment
Can be used on its own or with the Darwin i-Size car base (optional).

To learn more

Here you can download DARWIN INFANT RECLINE extra content.

When to use

Approximate weight and age according to European Standard ECE R129.

Height (cm)


Approximate age*


*Approximate age by weight is based on WHO population tables.
m= months; a= years

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