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Non-stop sleeping

Choose the System Quattro that best suits your lifestyle

Babies, especially in the first months of life, need a lot of sleep and they will not only do it at night. That’s why we have designed the perfect system for your child’s growth.



The Glam Crossover

Aptica is the unmistakably styled System Quattro suitable for everyday life, exceptionally comfortable for the child, super easy for parents to use and with attention to detail.


A Star in the City

Ideal for urban life. Compact and lightweight, the Electa travel system is as easy to manoeuvre through busy streets as it is in the park and on and off public transport. Its style and practicality come at no cost to baby’s wellbeing. As with all of Inglesina’s products, the safety, comfort and wellness of baby is priority.


Adaptive Cruise

A stylish, multi-functional travel system for parents looking for the best complete solution and all-terrain capabilities in one premium travel system.

An Extraordinary Welcome

To welcome your baby in the best possible way, encouraging the correct posture and helping them to feel protected and cocooned, we equipped the Aptica carrycot with the Welcome Pad®, the support designed in collaboration with the department of Neonatology of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna.


Your newborn is fragile and defenceless, abandons the safety of your womb to face the outside world: help it feel at ease, protected, cocooned and maintain the correct posture thanks to the innovative Welcome Pad® standard supplied with all prams.