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Well-being on the move

lightweight strollers

Safety, comfort and lightness will be your allies during the most exciting journey of life: the growth of your baby, day after day.

Ready for boarding

The ultra-compact, super light stroller ideal for travelling around the world. By air as well.

Great Adventures

Spacious and sturdy, offering comfortable walking on a variety of terrains


One Touch and Go!

It closes by itself with a touch by always standing without ever falling down

Compact and light, for all adventures

It opens and closes with one hand and pampers your child on all outings.

For twins or siblings close in age

Easy to carry, opens and closes with one hand and stands on its own even when closed.

Stroller Systems

Included in the systems but can also be purchased separately.


The stroller is ideal for city life. Extraordinarily manoeuvrable, easy to open and close and, thanks to its lightness and compactness, it can be easily carried up and down stairs and on and off public transport, while holding


Thanks to the unique Adaptive Cruise System, it adapts dynamically to all terrains and your child’s growth.