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Home sweet home

At home with Inglesina

The Inglesina Home Line is designed to help you as your baby grows through a series of caring actions that will make your baby’s development a happy, fun and safe adventure.


Everyone round the table! Side by side

The table chair that allows the child to eat sitting next to mum and dad.


My Time

My first meals in full comfort

The comfortable, practical and hygienic high chair that will give you a big hand in feeding your baby, up to 15 kg.



The ultra-comfortable musical rocking chair

The ultra-comfortable musical rocking chair that pampers moments of relaxation and stimulates mental growth.



The baby’s first playground

The swing for the first little happy moments, from birth up to your baby’s weight of 9 kg.



The contemporary design travel cot that furnishes the baby room

The travel cot with a contemporary design that furnishes the baby room and encourages growth.


Everyone round the table with FAST

Mealtimes are fundamental to a child’s development as they learn to discover new flavours and the joy of being a family.
With Fast, they can do this independently alongside their mum and dad.