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A soft reducer cushion

Baby Snug Pad
Baby Snug Pad
Baby Snug Pad
A091KC005 The comfortable seat even for little ones

For the first few months of strolling

Designed for the first few months of strolling, the Baby Snug Pad ensures a comfortable stroller seat even for the smallest of babies. It is also designed for your peace of mind as it is lined with breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fibre.

Selected materials for baby's well-being

Soft, breathable jersey fabric lining, 100% cotton. Back 3D mesh to promote air circulation.

Comfortable from an early age

The stroller will be used until the child grows, which is why our strollers have wide seats and generously sized backrests. Baby Snug Pad has been designed to allow even the youngest babies to use it.

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