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Side impact protection

High level of protection in the event of side impacts; thanks to Side Head Protection technology

Easy and safe to install

Thanks to the red/green indicators that immediately signal the incorrect attachment of the seat to the base, the risk of incorrect installation of the seat in the car is reduced and the safety for the child is increased.

Longer in the safest position

Installing the car seat rearward facing is considered the safest way to transport a child in a car. With Darwin Next Stage i-Size you can travel with your child seated rearward facing up to about 4 years of age. (105 cm)

From birth

Rearward facing from birth until at least 15 months. Approximately 75 cm.

After 15 months

The seat can be used in the forward facing position after the child is 15 months old.

Up to 4 years of age

You can use the car seat rearward facing up to 105 cm (about 4 years of age).