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State-of-the-art security

Innovative I.S.A. (Integrated Shock Absorber) technology, absorbs and reduces the energy transmitted to the child in the event of a collision, thus ensuring maximum safety conditions even when lying down.

Side impact protection

High level of protection in the event of side impacts; thanks to Side Head Protection technology it also features polyurethane foam inserts for additional side impact protection.

Use it with Darwin car bases


Approved according to ECE regulation R129/03. Can be used in combination with the Darwin Infant Inglesina car seat.

Darwin i-Size 360°

The rotation mechanism allows the car seat to be easily turned towards the door, making it easier to place and remove the child from the car seat.

A single solution up to 4 years of age

The same i-Size base can later be used with the Darwin Next Stage continuous car seat that will accompany your child up to about 4 years of age (105 cm).