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Extra comfort

The reclining mechanism lowers the backrest and extends the leg support, allowing the back and legs to be aligned in an almost fully supine position. It can be reclined both during car transport and when attached to the chassis.

Follows your baby's growth

The head hugger with integrated straps is height-adjustable via a central control to adapt to your baby’s growth.

Breathable and sun protection

The structure has ventilation holes and breathable fabrics to promote circulation in the area and limit the baby’s sweating. The hood with removable head hugger protects against UV rays (UPF 50+).

Ideal in the car and on the stroll

Not only by car

The Darwin Recline car seat can also be used on walks, attached to the chassis of the system or used at home as a children’s chair, attached to the stand-up support.

Attaches and detaches with a simple click

Easily attaches to the optional car base, stand-up or chassis, without the need for any adapters.

Ergonomic handle

The carrying handle can be adjusted in four positions for a practical and optimal grip at all times.