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Cutting-edge ergonomics

The ergonomic shape, the large size and the angle of inclination make it extremely comfortable for the baby, who will maintain the correct posture even in the first months of life thanks to the highly breathable soft Lycra reduction cushion.

Comfort in every situation

Promotes breathability

The seat structure has 149 holes for ventilation, spread uniformly.

Follows your baby's growth

The head hugger with integrated straps is height-adjustable via a central control to adapt to your baby’s growth.

Protection against the sun's rays

The hood with removable front cover (UPF 50+) protects against UV rays.

Practicality galore

As well as ensuring the well-being of your child, we have also thought of you, taking care of every little detail.


Removable fabric lining, hand washable at 30°C


42 x 60 x 64 cm (width x height x depth)


4,75 kg