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Incredibly spacious

For the correct physiological development of the newborn baby, it is important to ensure that they are lying down and horizontal as long as possible. Thanks to its large internal dimensions (79 x 37 cm) they can lie down comfortably at least until 6 months old, even when wrapped in a winter muff or wearing a padded babygrow.


Welcome Pad®

To welcome your baby in the best possible way, encouraging the correct posture and helping them to feel protected and cocooned, we equipped the Aptica carrycot with the Welcome Pad®, the support designed in collaboration with the department of Neonatology of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna in compliance with the latest scientific guidelines in terms of well-being and safety.

Adjustable backrest

The backrest reclines into different positions to facilitate digestion after feeding and to allow children to look out when they are older.


Comfort on all occasions

Hood with anti-UV (UPF 50+)

It shields against direct sunlight even when the sun is low on the horizon.


Waterproof details

Equipped with special waterproof zips, to deal with all weather conditions.


Apron with double panel

Maximum protection against wind and cold.

Discover all the features of the Aptica XT carrycot

Be guided by our tutorial to discover every aspect and functionality of the Aptica XT carrycot

Easy and practical to use

Easily attaches and detaches to and from chassis and Stand-up thanks to the “easy clip” system. Green colour on the base of the carrycot indicate when the carrycot is correctly attached to the chassis or Standup.


Temperature control

Aeration control system and adjustable opening on the base allow to regulate the flow of air and temperature inside the carrycot. Two ventilation windows promote air circulation and keep the environment cool and ventilated.