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The reclining car seat for safe and relaxed travel.

Reclining car seat approved according to ECE R129/03 regulations, for children from 40 up to 75 cm tall (from birth to approx. 12 months).

Extra Comfort

Thanks to the reclining system, the child will be able to rest almost totally laid on their back and more comfortably during car journeys and short trips with the seat attached to the chassis of the modular system.

State-of-the-art safety

The innovative I.S.A. (Integrated Shock Absorber) technology absorbs and reduces the energy transmitted to the child in the event of a collision, thus ensuring maximum safety conditions even when supine.

Breathable and sun protection

The structure has ventilation holes and breathable fabrics to promote circulation in the area and limit the baby’s sweating. The hood with removable head hugger protects against UV rays (UPF 50+).

Follows your baby's growth

The head hugger with integrated straps is height-adjustable via a central control to adapt to your baby’s growth.

Use it with Darwin I-Size 360° car base

The rotation mechanism allows the car seat to be easily turned towards the door, making it easier to place and remove the child from the car seat.

Discover all the features of the Darwin Infant Recline Aptica

Be guided by our tutorial to discover every aspect and functionality of the Darwin Infant Recline Aptica

When to use Darwin Infant Recline

Approximate weight and age according to European Standard ECE R129.


Height (cm)


Approximate age*


*Approximate age by weight is based on WHO population tables.
m= months; a= years