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Ally Pad

The anti-abandon device

Certified, tested and approved

The alarm device to prevent abandonment of children in cars.

Ally Pad is the only one approved for Inglesina and complies with the technical-constructive and functional specifications established by Italian Ministerial Decree no. 122/2019.

Download and read the Declaration of Conformity of Ally Pad

Intelligent safety

Ally Pad warns you with an audible alarm, if you move away from the vehicle leaving the child in the car seat or carrycot.

Why do you need an anti-abandonment device?

Ally Pad
Ally Pad
Ally Pad
A090LV000 Anti-abandon device, Ally Pad is the only one approved for Inglesina car seats.
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Measure Inglesina practicality

Ally Pad is easy to install, the only one approved for all Inglesina car seats and carrycots arranged for cars.

App available on App Store and Google Play
Ally Pad is equipped with weight sensors connected to the smartphone via App. 
Download it for free.

Compatible with all Inglesina products
The anti-abandonment device is compatible with all Inglesina car seats and carrycots (prepared for use in the car).

No account limit
Ally Pad is designed for the whole family. Each device can be paired with an unlimited number of accounts.

To learn more

Here you can download ALLY PAD extra content.

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