Inglesina d'autore

Inglesina is a proud and elegant ambassador of the "Made in Italy" trademark around the world.
Its name has become synonymous with quality and care in the provision of the very best products in the early infancy market: Some Inglesina products, such as the Classica pram, have been heralded as style icons and examples of timeless design.

The values brought to life by Inglesina products mirror those attributed to the art world. Aesthetics, the love of beauty, true artisan quality and artistic truth, along with the great care and meticulous attention put into its manufacturing, all form part of these values.

The “Inglesina d'Autore” project, launched in 2009, is a celebration of this connection with art: a gallery of original and unpublished artistic works that is periodically enriched with a new piece. An opportunity for expression open to emerging artists and designers: thanks to their interpretations, the world of Inglesina has taken on new shapes, new materials and a new allure.

A collection of unique pieces to exhibit.


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